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Jan 11, 2017

Dru Nettles was a coach at Denham Springs High School in 2016 when the flooding hit Louisiana in August 2016. It wasn’t just the school that was damaged. Several of the students lost their homes and everything they owned. Nettles and his family were asleep when at 4am a neighbor knocked on their door to let them know their neighborhood was flooding. They were boated out by 9am. When they returned they found they had nearly 5 feet of water in their home and had lost everything. Denham Springs High School was also damaged, so Nettles's team wasn’t able to see each other till nearly 2 weeks later. The team decided to try and get football practice in each day then go into the community and help rebuild after practice. The athletes were going through a mental drain. Many had lost their homes and everything they had. But they were getting up everyday, going to practice, school, and playing games. Nettles managed to coach the men on and off the field and help many of them with their daily struggles. How do you coach through tragedy? How do you manage to put your personal challenges aside? Coach Dru Nettles discusses that with Dr. Bhrett McCabe on this week's podcast.