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Jul 12, 2017

Picture this, a stampede of 3500 LB machines flying by, only a few feet away from you, at over 200 miles per hour. That’s the life of a pit crew in the world of NASCAR. Former LSU baseball player, Ray Wright, joins our podcast this week to discuss his transition from an outfielder to a position managing 6 pit crews. Through the interview, Wright talks about the “flush it” mentality crew members must have, and the mental performance and preparation that carries from the field to pit road. Pit crew members are, “the guys who are the most mentally strong; who can delete a whole bunch of things around them.” Ray discusses a few key principles and lessons he held on to through his baseball career at LSU and how he has used those same principles throughout his NASCAR career.

Wright also talks about his company Pit Stops for Hope which is a charity meant to better America’s youth. Pit Stops for Hope invests in the education and health of children that are burdened with poverty situations.  Their overall mission is to “replace poverty with hope in our community!” We are honored to have Ray Wright on The MindSide Podcast this week, and we hope you enjoy this segment that highlights the mental game, and social awareness. Enjoy!

Support Pit Stops For Hope today by visiting