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Feb 15, 2017

It is naive of us to think that competing and succeeding in sports only happens when we are thinking clearly and feeling great physically. While that helps, the competitive psychological experience is much greater. For some athletes, competing not only involves execution of plays and strategies, but also managing the struggles of personal difficulties, and even mental illness. In this powerful podcast interview, NCAA basketball legend, WNBA superstar, and Olympic champion Chamique Holdsclaw shares her amazing journey from the playgrounds of NYC to her championship career and her personal battles with mental illness. Through her struggles and positive life changes, Chamique inspires coaches, players, and administrators to face the complexities of mental illness and embrace a mindset of comprehensive mental wellness. Chamique Holdsclaw challenges the daily notions, stigmas, and ignorance to inspire the next generation to maximize their lives and psychological framework. For more information on her work, please check out her autobiography Breaking Through: Beating the Odds Shot after Shot.