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Winning is a mental skill, mastered by the best of the best, and held as a secret by those dominating the competition. Not anymore. In this weekly podcast, join Dr. Bhrett McCabe, a clinical sports psychologist to multiple National Champions and Pro athletes and a former 2X Division 1 National Champion himself, as he exposes the “secrets” of human performance through in-depth interviews with world class athletes, elite-level coaches, and the most brilliant business minds in the world. New episode drops every Wednesday!

Dec 15, 2023

In this podcast, we dive into episode 7 of my Mental Game LIVE YouTube show. Most golfers are terrible when it comes to practice. Whenever they show up, they head to the range, get a couple toe-touches in, and start moving through the bag starting with the wedge and ending with the driver. There is no process to it, and they end up chasing feels, which could be good or bad.

In episode 7 of Mental Game LIVE, we talk about how to set up your practice by breaking it into three main components: the warmup, foundations, and competition training.

Also, want to take a minute to talk about our new live YouTube show - Mental Game LIVE. I am sure many of you have already tuned in, but in case you haven’t yet, this is the best mental game resource you can possibly consume, and the best part is - it is absolutely FREE to you.

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