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Dec 19, 2017

“You have to work on yourself first and we strive to give kids one thing….confidence”

Sports play a vital role in the lives of individuals all around the world. Many times when you see a great athlete on the field, they appear to have all the tools to be the biggest or baddest athlete out there. However,...

Dec 12, 2017

“You have to find something you’re willing to fight for.”

We are all limited by fear. Whether that fear is of rejection or failure, we all experience the force of this one emotion. Coyte Cooper is an author, coach, and speaker of high performance and has built his reputation on pulling the potential out of...

Dec 5, 2017

“Anxiety has increased.”

Dr. Kevin Chapman joins The MindSide Podcast for the second time to discuss the rise in anxiety in a want-to-be-perfect society. The world increasingly places more pressure on society every day. Everyone wants to be perfect and everyone wants to be successful, but people rarely release that...