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Dec 5, 2017

“Anxiety has increased.”

Dr. Kevin Chapman joins The MindSide Podcast for the second time to discuss the rise in anxiety in a want-to-be-perfect society. The world increasingly places more pressure on society every day. Everyone wants to be perfect and everyone wants to be successful, but people rarely release that in success is often based on perspective.

Performance is starting to define a player’s identity. This is a trap. Dr. Bhrett McCabe refers to this generation as the “Snowflake Generation” because the people living in this world are trying so hard to be perfect. Chapman explains how younger athletes are expected to be adults and completely matured for the sake of the team’s success. This is a contributing factor to the rise in anxiety among young athletes, “They simply don’t know how to deal with a failing event.” Every performer needs to have a failure response system.

This podcast episode exposes the real impact high anxiety is having in the world today.

We hope you enjoy this podcast episode as much as we have enjoyed recording it.

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