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Aug 3, 2016

In the last few months, it’s become something we are hearing on a regular basis, a police officer shot and killed.  Last month, 3 officers were ambushed in Baton Rouge and 10 in Dallas, and there were others.  The stress of the job is unreal, and yet, those in blue continue to answer the call day in and day out. Their families worry about the dangers, but they continue to face the great challenges as part of their calling. Former Major League baseball player and LSU baseball legend, Sgt. John O’Donoghue has served his community for over 15 years and shares his perspective about the stress he faces and how it compares to facing the best hitters in the world. He shares how you train in pressure to prepare for pressure, on the diamond and when carrying shield. With all that is going on in the world today, this podcast gives a rare glimpse in to the heart and soul of those in the blue.