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Aug 28, 2017

“It’s the closest sport to an actual battle.” Dr. Rob Bell, author of The Hinge, No Fear, Mental Toughness: Training for Golf, and Don’t “Should” On Your Kid, joins The MindSide Podcast to talk about what he has learned from the game of soccer as a sport psychology coach.

In the game of soccer there is both a team and an individual aspect, and if one person is not a team player, they will get exposed. During a brilliant discussion between Dr. Bhrett McCabe and Dr. Rob Bell, conversation points surfaced that highlighted the way soccer players must strategize and perform on the field. “We make things more complicated than they are.” Dr. Rob Bell explained how the game of soccer has so many similarities to a battle, as they both involve major strategy and quick decision making.

This podcast was overflowing with insights into a parent’s role in their child’s performance and how the mental game is so heavily involved within the game of soccer. Bell also discusses the biggest threats to players outside of the game, such as burnout and expectations set by parents and coaches.

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we enjoyed bringing two knowledgeable mental coaches in front of one mic.

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