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Winning is a mental skill, mastered by the best of the best, and held as a secret by those dominating the competition. Not anymore. In this weekly podcast, join Dr. Bhrett McCabe, a clinical sports psychologist to multiple National Champions and Pro athletes and a former 2X Division 1 National Champion himself, as he exposes the “secrets” of human performance through in-depth interviews with world class athletes, elite-level coaches, and the most brilliant business minds in the world. New episode drops every Wednesday!

Mar 26, 2021

Are expectations good? Many times we hear competitors talk about saying that they expected to win or they expected to do well. Why should you expect to have a good outcome? Because you had a good week of practice, you have more talent than your opponent, or your desire to succeed is unmatched?

If that is your thinking, then you are falling into a trap of expectations. When you expect to win or expect to play well, what you are really doing is taking evidence of the past and merging it with a hope for the future, creating a story in your mind that you simply cannot live up to. As a result of not living up to those expectations, you get frustrated earlier, become more judgmental, and lose your grit and resiliency.